At the heart of the picture – the folk tale of Hutsul
Once the devil decided to arrange a quarrel between young couple that lived in a harmony with God’s commandments. But he could not do it for a whole year. And then he met a mean woman, and she offered to do it in one day only, but in return for her service the devil had to give her new boots. The woman told gossip to the man about his wife. He killed his wife and hanged himself with grief.
As soon as the devil came to know that woman completed her task, he brought her the boots, but hung them from a long wand, and so was giving it to her. Baba asked:
– Why dont you give me boots with hands?
The devil replied:
– I could not start a quarrel between them for a year, but you did it in one day. You’re more terrible than me.

  • Title: A Story About a Crone Who Caused Much Ado Between Two People
  • Size: 40 x 50 cm
  • Materials: canvas / oil
  • Year: 2013