A long time ago, when even time didn’t exist, when there was no light and no darkness, no day and no night, no water and no earth, our whole world was sleeping in a tiny bud inside of a golden egg. God Rod, a sleeping ancestor of all beings, was behind the golden eggshell. He saw dreams about a wonderful world: everything was properly arranged and took its place: the Sun and the Moon, stars and the Earth; and everything on the Earth had its purpose: rivers, forests, mountains, lakes and seas. Then Love was born in Rod’s heart. Love was a great power and nothing could stand against it. So God Rod used the great power to go beyond the golden eggshell and fulfill everything that existed with Love. Rod gave a birth to the Universe – an unlimited number of stellar worlds and our world.

  • Title: Rod (birth of a god)
  • Size: 29,5 х 50 сm
  • Materials: paper / mixed media
  • Year: 2015